Welcome to the Direct Monetization Network

People should be able to make money by publishing their work online.
Ad revenue is meager, and pay-walls are unmarketable.
We’re looking for a new model.

Get access. Support creators. Drop ads.

The Direct Monetization Network (DMN) will be a full-stack suite of tools for creators and their audiences, implementing a 402-based internet payment scheme.

We will develop open source tools for use with the 402-Receipts protocol, and offer support for and SaaS versions of those tools.

The proposed 402-Receipts standard will be an open standard. We are seeking feedback from the public and prospective users.

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How will I use this?

Here’s what it’s like for a customer: You sign up for a managed account, or host your own wallet and give it access to your DMN account. As you browse the web your account is charged for pages you visit. Your wallet protects you from unexpected charges and abuse. The Network blocks payments to fraudulent websites. The underlying protocol makes it possible for this to happen without the websites knowing who you are and without the Network knowing what websites you visit.

Here’s what it’s like for a creator: You set up a hosted tip-jar, or you host pay-walled content in our CDN, or you host your own receipt handler. You configure your handler to accept receipts from the DMN network, and make sure you comply with our standards (which cover things like pricing structure and how any ads are served). Members of the network will be charged as they visit your site. Non-members might be blocked, encouraged to join, or shown ads depending on your configuration.

Here’s what it looks like to the internet: Anyone can host their own wallet, which is the only part of the system with full visibility to its users’ actions. Anyone can host their own receipt handler. Wallets and receipt handlers can interact with multiple networks, so an individual network has limited leverage over its members. A website can even act as its own “network”, seamlessly approximating a traditional paywall within the 402-Receipts system.


How to help:

Check out the proposed 402 Receipts Standard. There are a variety of items there that still need to be worked out. You can email us with questions or suggestions at dmn@directmonetization.network.
You can learn about our business plan here if you would like to be involved financially.

Social Media:

Twitter: @direct_the
Mastodon: @DMN@mastodon.technology
Reddit: /u/DiMonNet